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Brandon Goode: 18-year-old Goode and his girlfriend ID'd as cop killers

Brandon Goode has been identified as one of the teens responsible for the death of a cop in Florida. On March 26, NewsMax reported that Goode, 18, and his girlfriend Alexandria Hollinghurst, 17, shot and killed Robert German, 31, in Windermere, Florida over the weekend. Both teens were found dead just one block away from officer German.

According to the report, officer German called for back up around 3:30 a.m. Saturday when he approached the teens due to their "suspicious behavior." By the time another officer reached the area, German had been killed -- and both suspects were also dead.

Brandon Goode and Alexandria Hollinghurst were presumably dating. Police say that it appears as though the couple committed suicide after murdering German but Hollinghurst's family thinks something else happened: They believe that Goode shot and killed Alexandria before taking his own life. As far as a motive, that's not completely clear. Apparently Goode was in quite a good deal of trouble, recently getting arrested on alcohol and drug charges.

In the past, Goode allegedly threatened his own mother with an ax. He also had an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge under his belt. Hopefully an autopsy will prove whether or not Goode murdered his girlfriend.

Brandon Goode was still in high school and did well. It's unclear how long he had problems with the law or what might have caused him to go down a very dark road.

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