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Brandon Davis Shaun White: Gold medalist nixes competition, cheats alternate

18-year-old Brandon Davis might have taken the place of Shaun White had the two-time Olympic gold medalist given everyone more notice he wanted to drop out from the slopestyle snowboarding competition in Sochi.

Business Insider reported Feb. 7 that White's fellow competitors suspect his move was "premeditated" because he was secretly afraid to lose. According to the report, if White did decide to withdraw from the event before arriving at the Winter Games in Sochi, he may have cheated a 15-year-old of the chance to compete in the Olympics because the U.S. Olympic Committee "could not replace White on the roster." If his decision was made sooner, the committee might have been given the spot to Kyle Mack, 15. He finished fifth in the qualifiers.

Brandon Davis could have been the Shaun White alternate if Mack was not the replacement. This was due to the thought that Mack may not have gained enough points in international competitions to meet Olympics' eligibility. So, it is reported that Davis missed out with White's decision.

“It just kind of sucks,” Davis said. "I should be there, but Shaun decided he didn’t want to do it...It’s not a big deal for him. But for most people, the Olympics is a whole other level. It could have kicked started my career a bit, and gotten the ball rolling."

The Brandon Davis, Shaun White story is one of the more unfortunate ones to emerge from the Sochi this early in the Games. Sudden drop-outs, unexpected placings, and upsets inevitably occur at global sporting events.

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