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Shaun White-Brandon Davis news: Targeted snowboarder 'screws' Olympic hopeful?

A Brandon Davis-Shaun White controversy is brewing. The latest updates at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games suggest the gold medal-winner and highly decorated snowboarder ruined another Winter Olympic hopeful's dreams of competing. White blames it on a string of injuries, but others say it was Shaun being selfish and the "lone wolf" at the expense of his teammates, citing a Feb. 6 KeepingScore report by Time.

Images of snowboarders Shaun White and Brandon Davis
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images
 Snowboarder Shaun White of the United States answers questions after training during day 1 of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Brandon Davis and Shaun White are not openly feuding over the halfpipe king's shocking self-imposed forfeiture of the Men's Olympic slopestyle event; others are chiming in on his behalf. Thus, the conspiracy begins.

As if it's not enough to hear about Sochi’s horrible hotel conditions, bathroom spying, and photoshopped Olympic rings; the Americans are wallowing in a bit of family tension of their own.

Essentially, White removed himself from contention in the slopestyle event, one that many thought not even Shaun believed he'd win. He blamed it on a string of injuries, which could pose a threat to his signature halfpipe event.

The trouble is this: White nixed the event when there was no possible way another teammate could stand in his place. Why? Because the other two: Brandon Davis and Kyle Mack, are thousands of miles away back in the states.

Mack is only 15, but was fifth in line as a qualifier. However, sources say because he did not have enough international points, Davis was next in line.

Still, that didn't stop Mack from voicing his dismay on Twitter.

Love how shaun [sic] drops out of the Olympics, That could have been my spot," Mack wrote on Twitter.

Brandon Davis said this about Shaun White's abrupt move:

I should be there, but Shaun decided he didn’t want to do it...It’s not a big deal for him. But for most people, the Olympics is [sic] a whole other level. It could have kicked started my career a bit, and gotten the ball rolling."

Still, others had this to say:

"There was [sic] a lot of guys that I trained pretty hard with sitting in that fifth spot. It's pretty unfortunate that they missed their opportunity to come to the Games. So that was a pretty big blow. I knew it was coming sometime this year," said American slopestyle boarder Charles (Chas) Guldemond, who also responded by saying, "No comment" when asked about why he though White pulled out of the event late.

"Everyone has to ride the same course and drop into the same pipe, and he knows he is the best rider on any day, no matter the conditions. He said he smiles knowing he is in a better place mentally than everyone else. In his mind, in those moments, he has already won.

Which makes it hard to believe White is pulling out of slopestyle because he is fearful of the course," said veteran sports journalist, ESPN's Alyssa Roenigk.

A Brandon White and Shaun White feud is not likely to amount to anything because White is the face of the sport. The man with the golden smile simply cannot do any wrong. In the end, it's about the team's showing in Sochi, not as much about the individual.

This story is developing.


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