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Brandon Boyd talks about his new book's impact

Brandon Boyd provides a profound response in this enthusiastic interview regarding the impact of his new art and creative writing book So The Echo.

Brandon Boyd and his artwork
Brandon Boyd and his artwork
Brian Bowen Smith
Brandon Boyd of Sons Of The Sea
Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

Currently bringing his So The Echo book tour through Europe, the Incubus frontman shares an inside look at the interplay of his book, his visual art, and his new music project 'Sons of the Sea.' Boyd speaks with humility, positive energy and gratitude:

W.E. Did the process of making your book So The Echo impact the way in which you see your own art and music?

B.B. Definitely! But I have to say that each and every project I have ever been involved with, whether with Incubus or something I have ventured into alone, has had an indelible impact on me. That’s not to say that the impact is fun and or happy all of the time though! There have been plenty of occasions where I have been truly humbled by the goings on in amongst that process, but it’s amazing how much we can learn from our failures. But this latest project, So The Echo, and my newest musical adventure 'Sons of the Sea' were examples of the occasion where it feels like you’re walking WITH the wind. There was a beautiful flow during the creation of both projects and it brought with it a deep sense of gratitude and joy. I can only hope that a fraction of that joy and gratitude is felt when someone decides to give either or both of them a try.

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