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Brandon Boyd interviews on inspiration: part two

The interview with Incubus' Brandon Boyd continues here from part one.

Artwork from Brandon Boyd's 'So The Echo'
Artwork from Brandon Boyd's 'So The Echo'
Brandon Boyd
Brandon Boyd promotes new book 'So The Echo'
Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Boyd reveals his perceptual process, providing insight into how his expressive, dreamlike imagery and impassioned music grow boundlessly as he draws inspiration from life itself.

L.C. What are your sources of inspiration and your approaches towards creating?

B.B. I feel like I have been in a process of learning how to perceive the inherent beauty in each and every aspect of life and experience. The further along I go, the more I find inspiration every place I look. I've come to the conclusion that when I am not inspired, it's because I am not available to see what's all around me and maybe it's my problem to solve. The world is infinitely beautiful and how lucky we are to be at a moment in time (evolutionarily?) where we have the capacities to witness it. Whether with our eyes, our ears, our noses, our feet, our hands, our minds, our hearts, or any number of modalities available.

L.C. How would you describe the relationship of your visual art with your music?

B.B. I would describe them as two branches on an ever-growing tree. There are numerous branches on this tree, most of which I haven't learned how to climb to yet! So I am excited about continually shedding this metaphorical fear of heights.

Boyd's upcoming book signings for 'So The Echo' include: Bookmarc in Paris on Thursday, March 20 and Waterstones in London on March 22. For more information, visit:

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