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Branding and the writer's business card

Your business card can be a powerful tool in your marketing tool box.
Your business card can be a powerful tool in your marketing tool box.

When you’re out and about ... at one of the many networking opportunities or just doing errands here in Long Beach, you should always have some business cards with you to hand out. Your business cards should, like everything else in your business, express your brand. Here are some tips for creating business cards that are a good representation of your brand as a writer:

Look and feel
The design elements from your website and other marketing materials need to be present on your business card, as well. Usually this is a logo, but can also include use of color. Other elements that might be incorporated into the look and feel of your business card include:

  • A headshot
  • Fonts used
  • A Long Beach location shot
  • Other mood-inducing imagery

Card stock
Use the best card stock you can. The way your card feels is as much a part of the branding experience as what it looks like. Some brands require a glossy finish, others a matte finish. What does your brand want?

Make sure you include all the information that someone will need and then throw in some branding info as well. This will include a tag line and an email address with your own domain (don’t use hotmail, yahoo or gmail addresses!). Be sure to include your Long Beach location so folks will know you are a local.

The backside
There are two things you can do with the backside of your business card … leave it blank for people to take notes or print a free offer to drive those same folks to your website. If you can do both, so much the better.

Be creative
Some businesses lend themselves to outside the box business card designs. If yours is such a business take advantage of this opportunity to stand out. For example, I recently met a web designer who created a non-standard size card and can tell if someone is a good fit for his services by how they react to that.

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NOTE: Are you a writer, author or editor connected to Long Beach in some way? Please contact me ... and you can be a part of my series of profiles of local writers!


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