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Branding and design by Anthony Matula

Branding and design expert Anthony Matula
Branding and design expert Anthony Matula
Anthony Matula

Branding is a vital element in developing successful businesses, products, and organizations. Two weeks ago, The Nashville Examiner published an article introducing a master of design and branding, Anthony Matula. We spent some time interviewing him and will share with you some of his thoughts about graphic design in this article and in another to follow. Our questions are in bold font.

What was your motivation for beginning your design company, ANTHONYMATULA?

I find it extremely inspiring to create something that gives other people joy or a feeling of excitement that not many other things out there can. From a professional perspective, there is a great need for individuals who can take that power of being creative and imaginative and use it in the business world. I also believe that everyone is born with God given talents and once we discover what these are, it is our responsibility to use them to enrich the world and people’s lives. Having the ability to create and be creative is an honor and I am motivated everyday by the new exiting projects that are introduced every day.

What is the mission of AM?

Our mission is to Listen, Communicate, and Produce Results. To Inspire others and ourselves by the power of creativity and through personal experiences while turning a new artistic leaf with ever evolving ideas.

What do you think are some of the most difficult challenges of graphic designing?

Graphic design and design in general is such a difficult industry to be in because, at the end of the day, it is all up to the person viewing the work to decide whether or not they like it. Our job is to make sure that they like it enough to do what it is we are asking them to do – purchase a product, commit to using a certain business, buy a record, go see a show or just feel a sense of enjoyment or wonder about something. If we are designing a fabric softener bottle for example, the variables and elements need to be very different than if we are designing a wedding invitation. Our clients aren’t trying to “sell” people or convince them to come to their weddings, though they do want them to potentially get an idea of what type of event it is going to be. At the heart of every graphic design project is a purpose or motivation. As designers, we begin every project with this specific purpose in mind.

Graphic design is an essential aspect of “branding” and branding is a vital element in the success of any new business. Through excellent branding and graphic design, companies communicate an important message to consumers, “We are professional and have invested enough time and concern into our brand to allow you to make a confident decision that we are the best company for your solution.”

One of the challenges we face as designers is the fact that while one thing might appeal to one person, it very well might not appeal to someone else. Design in that sense is ultimately not created to please the company or individual who is paying for the design, but is more for the customers or clients who will be attracted by the company’s design. There is a lot of communication that has to take place between us as the designers and our clients to ensure that the design decisions we are helping them make with their business isn’t just the “coolest, or best looking” logo, colors, or style, but the most appropriate for their business as well.

Who are some of the people and organizations for whom you have developed graphic design projects and assisted with branding?

We have done graphic design and branding work for many individuals and companies. To name a few: Strategic Hospitality, Merchants Restaurant, Musician’s Corner Nashville, LIZZY Couture,, Diana’s Sweet Shoppe, Dell Inc., Microsoft, Venus and Mars – The Showroom, Seemore Putters. To see a full client list visit

Where is your office located and how can people view your great graphic design portfolio and contact AM?

ANTHONYMATULA is located at 411 Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee. You can view our work online at as well as connect with us through the contact page.


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