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Brandi Glanville tweets picture of her children in their underwear

Brandi Glanville
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Brandi Glanville posted a picture of her son's on Twitter that showed them in their underwear. It upset a lot of her fans and they felt like it was totally inappropriate. On Wednesday, E! Online shared that Brandi is now defending herself. She doesn't feel like she did anything wrong at all even though others would disagree with her.

Her son's Jake and Mason were putting together a desk. They just happened to be in their underwear while they were doing it. This honestly is not odd because they were at home and aren't required to wear clothing there. The thing is that it was probably not the kind of thing that she should have posted on social media.

She does have boys. Brandi went to Twitter upset explaining that they were covered from the waist down which seems to be what she thinks is important. Glanville went on to explain that she was naked all the time as a kid. She obviously feels like there is nothing wrong with this picture even though her followers disagree. Brandi said some people think they are better parents because their kids wear clothing at home.

Brandi also did a recent interview with In Touch Weekly. She still has hopes that there is a man out there for her and that she will find her Mr. Right at some point. At this time, she is only dating while here boys are at their dad's house so that doesn't give her a ton of time for dating. It also shows how focused she is on being a parent and that her boys are a top priority to her.

Don't miss Brandi Glanville when "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" returns to Bravo. She will be back for the upcoming season and fans love to see all of her drama. Her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian also has a new reality show "LeAnn and Eddie" coming to VH1.

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