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Brandi Glanville not invited to own son's birthday party, angry at Leann Rhimes

Brandi feuding with Leann Rhimes over child custody issues again.
Brandi feuding with Leann Rhimes over child custody issues again.
Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images

It seems that Brandi Glanville will take any opportunity to be upset with Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rhimes. This time she is really angry because the couple celebrated her son's birthday without her. According to the Monday account on She Knows, Glanville wanted her ex to schedule the party for the following weekend so she could attend but that isn't what happened.

The birthday party for Jake Cibrian was held at the Sky High Trampoline Park in Woodland Hills. According to Glanville, she wished the couple had waited so she could attend. She even said if they had put the party off a week, she would have happily paid for half of it and that they could have thrown a bigger party. So why can't Brandi Glanville through him a second party on the weekend of her choice and not invite Eddie Cibrian or Leann Rimes?

It's pretty obvious that Brandi is just looking for reasons to complain about her ex and his new wife. They are constantly feuding and this is no exception. Brandi was unable to attend this past weekend because she was busy with her "Celebrity Apprentice" gig. She went even further to take some jabs at Leann, criticizing her clothing and the fact that she spent a lot of time with the kids.

According to Glanville, Leann spent her time at the party jumping on the trampolines with the kids. She was criticized for not talking to the adults because she was playing. That earns Brandi a big "who cares!" She's obviously running out of things to fight about and looking for trouble.

Also on the list of complaints was Leann's birthday party outfit. According to Glanville, her shorts were too short and her shirt was too see through. Rimes was just wearing a casual tank top and denim shorts though. She looked cute and nothing inappropriate was hanging out.