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Brandi Glanville homeless? Star reveals why her living situation is in peril

Brandi Glanville reveals why she is homeless
Brandi Glanville reveals why she is homeless
Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Brandi Glanville is homeless? The reality star that shared with the cameras her lifestyle of Beverly Hills currently is finding herself on the street and the news is shocking even to the fans. Of course the cast member of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” probably has a place to stay, but even so it is not at the house the fans saw. According to WetPaint on Friday, the reality star is having issues with a former boyfriend and that’s why she is finding herself without a house. And it sounds like she is very upset about the situation.

“Word to the wise- if you don't want to be homeless maybe don't date your real estate agent! #thisiscrazy,” tweeted Brandi Glanville from her official Twitter account. The star directed the tweet to a real estate agent in the Los Angeles area, but fans were confused if this was the person who was causing her trouble or someone helping her.

The first time the viewers heard that Brandi Glanville didn't have a home, there was some confusing on how Lisa Vanderpump was involved. While it was rumored that there was a connection, it is simply not true. As the two stars haven’t been talking since the reunion shows and one situation is not connected to the other.

Nobody is for sure where Brandi is calling home at the moment. With the star suggesting she isn't living in her own home, there might be other options. Friends, family and maybe even the reality shows might be helping the star find another place. Fans can be assured the star might not be at her home, but definitely has a place to stay until things get sorted out.

Brandi Glanville probably will never know the true definition of homeless when it comes to life in Los Angeles and real people in need. There are real homeless people – folks without even a place to sleep except the sidewalk – in the Los Angeles area. Those folks beg for money, go to soup kitchens for lunch and get cold at night when the sun goes down. Brandi Glanville just finished taping “Celebrity Apprentice.” It must be pointed out that Brandi Glanville has the Beverly Hills type of homelessness.