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Brandi Glanville denies drinking and drugging up on 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Brandi Glanville does not appreciate being accused of drinking heavily and drugging herself in order to cope with the stress of competing on Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice." On Thursday, April 10, she sent a tweet that denied a report that she has been turning to alcohol and drugs to cope with the pressures of the show and has even been reprimanded by the show's producers for her behavior.

Actress Brandi Glanville attends a private event at Hyde Lounge for the Bruno Mars & Ellie Goulding concert hosted by AQUAhydrate at The Staples Center on July 27, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Jason Merritt

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star sent a tweet that let everyone know that instead of boozing and drugging it up, she has been hard at work trying to win the show's challenges. She wants to be the last remaining celebrity on the reality show and reminded everyone that she wouldn't risk messing up her big opportunity.

"I'm working on a major network show in NYC I'm working hard! I am not "drinking &or drugging" the cameras don't lie, so just watch &see :)," she tweeted. When someone sarcastically asked her if her reply means that she hasn't been doing any cocaine, Brandi replied, "nada." She did, however, cheekily suggest that she may down a big glass of wine once she has finished the show.

Just two days prior, Radar Online published an article claiming that the famous housewife admitted to taking the anti-anxiety medication Xanax and drinking lots of alcohol because she can't handle the show's stressful nature. It further claimed that she was battling with her co-stars and was once set to her hotel room during filming in order to get herself together. Funnily enough, Brandi didn't deny that she was fighting with her co-stars, so perhaps the rumors circulating around that she has been fighting with Atlanta housewife Kenya Moore are true?

This isn't the first time that Brandi has been accused of substance abuse. Her "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" co-stars have expressed concern over her drinking on-air, with Kim Richards, who recently completed rehab, showing particular concern. She denied the claims then as she is now.

Are you excited to watch Brandi Glanville on "Celebrity Apprentice"?

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