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Brand spotlight - Ivivva for back to school


Hey there CFTE readers! As you all know I'm a mom and I have found that as time goes on and my little girl gets older - I have even more fun shopping with her. Not only does she communicate with me her likes and dislikes, but I get to see her develop her styles. That's why it is always fun to check out new kids brands with her. Especially now that we have been back to school shopping. She doesn't mind giving me her opinion. So, when I showed her Lululemon's latest brainchild (literally) - Ivivva she was hooked.

Bella is a ballerina and her workout wear totally reflects that. She loves her leotards and tights and her jazz warms ups. She would wear them all the time if she could. She definitely connected with the Ivivva line. ivivva (, is a young, fresh, athletic brand from lululemon that provides dance-inspired, cross-functional athletic apparel for young girls.

It's pretty much lululemon's little sister! Not only can bell look to mommy for fashion inspiration, she can wear a similar brand and feel connected. Ivivva’s brightly colored clothing is perfect for dance class, gymnastics, ice-skating, or just having fun. The line is similar to lululemon in quality, function, and technical design - so you know you are going to get a great product, but it's made especially for the little lady in your life!

We are going to give this brand a try. So, we'll do a follow up to let you know how it goes. In the mean time, check out the brand for yourself here:!