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Brand New's Daisy

What does this mean?
What does this mean?

Since Brand New will be in town on Friday, October 30 (Palladium Ballroom), it only seems right to prepare by reviewing their newest work, Daisy. For all of those “vintage” Brand New fans, circa 2001, this album is not for you. Not to say that it’s not good in it’s own right, but their progression towards heavier “screamo” sounds has officially been achieved. Their preceding CD, The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me, paved the way for these raging guitar chords and strained screams. All right, enough of my jabber, onto the music.

A 30’s style operatic and heart-wrenching clip from what sounds like a vinyl record player brings the album in and concludes it. It would normally strike me as odd, but the fact that it’s dark and almost spooky blends well with the cd’s mood. “Bed” is the closest you’ll get to their former style. There’s hardly any screaming, and you can really hear and understand the story lead vocalist Jesse Lacey is telling.

“At the Bottom” is the worst song for me. The beat is too repetitive, and there’s really no peak. “If I wanted to die before I got old, I should’ve started some years ago digging that hole”- the grimness doesn’t attract, it pushes me away. “Gasoline” shows the raw emotion they put into their tracks. Lacey’s voice is desperate, almost pleading to be heard. Acoustic songs aren’t present; the only resemblance is “You Stole” because it’s the quietest song.

Not too shocked that “Daisy”, the title track, is the most popular on iTunes. It resembles the sounds of Thrice, which are a very well known group. Again, not for me. I’ve always been attracted to the anger and gloom represented by BN, but this has taken it too far. I can’t see where they are coming from, which then makes it hard for me appreciate it. There are countless fans that are still amazed and excited for Brand New’s newest work, but I’ll stick to Deja Entendu.