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Brains - recipe


When properly prepared the brains of calves and sheep form a very inviting dish

Lay fresh brains in cold, salted water for fifteen minutes; then put them in boiling water, and parboil for ten minutes

After cleaning off the outer membrane—for frying—split them, and season with salt and pepper, and run them through egg, beaten with a little milk; roll them in cracker-dust, and fry to a light brown in butter

For stewed brains, cut half the size for frying and put in a stewpan, with a lump of butter, pepper and salt, a little water or soup-stock, and one-half an onion, chopped fine and stewed tender. Add this, and cook slowly for a few minutes, when put in two or three spoonfuls of milk or cream, and a little white wine or juice of lemon

[Sweet-breads may be cooked in the same manner]

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