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Brain in the belly, it's an organic whole

The wisdom of the belly, also known as the enteric nervous system. There are over 100 million neurons in the gut that is more than what is in the spinal cord. It controls your wakefulness and sleepiness and it is where the “fight or flight response” is centered. The belly brain is where you “feel the world from, your essence of sensitivity. You can sense it from the brain in your head logically speaking but that is now where your “gut instinct” comes from. The brain in the belly thinks, acts, thinks learns and decides.

The magnetic center and he functioning of the essential self

The belly center deals with embodiment of now. It’s an essential state for identifying or disconnecting from experience. The belly center is where your sense of trust rests ad is a significant factor in being well grounded. What you feel in the belly brain is felt more immensely here, even more so than feeling it physically. Intelligence is sensitivity that is grounded. Thinking from the head, like a machine is a well worn rut.

Researchers at McMasters University have found that the bacteria found in the gut influences brain chemistry and behavior.

Will you hold your belly against theirs for the rest of your life

The gut, alimentary canal is composed of sheaths of neurons embedded in the walls which is about nine meters long. Some scientists from U.C.L.A. were shocked to learn the vagus nerve carries messages from the gut to the brain and not the other way around. The belly brain has a lot to do with our state of mind, 95-perent of the body’s serotonin is found there.

Hara is to live through the belly

Seeing, thinking and listening from this magnetic center, allowing holistic intelligence. The challenge it to simply be present, there is so much going on around us in the world. The birds, the grass, the water and the waves, and the vibration of the breeze, thinking digitally you miss all of that. When we curl up into a fetal position what is it that we are protecting? The belly, the magnetic center, the brain.

It is the sensitive information that cannot be destroyed

There is a Chinese word for “belly” means mind palace an represents the seat of understanding. We say when someone is angry they are “hotheaded,” in Japanese hey say his belly rises easily. We say he has a “good head on his shoulders” they say he has a well-developed belly.

Thinking from the brain is what has secluded American thinking from the rest of the world. We don’t know what it means to be intelligent, to think or what information is. We can’t think our way into being present and we don’t think our way into love. You need to surrender, to submit and suddenly you are at one with it. Rumi has a famous saying, “Your task is not to seek love but to find all the barriers within yourself you have built against it.

We need to integrate ourselves into whole thinking again

We need to realize that you are what you eat and what is extracted from each meal is digested, each bite is chewed, savored then swallowed, the blood stream absorbs the nutrients and discard the waste. The maximum value and the best possible use has been made. The pelvic bowl is the original beggar’s bowl. We need to take our thoughts and bring them down to the belly to settle and sensitize into insight.

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