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Brain-eating amoeba in Louisiana: Water infestations can harm through nostrils

A brain-eating amoeba in Louisiana is dangerously harming people if tap water gets into their nostrils. A current flush of the state's water system detected infested bacteria floating around. CBS News reports Aug. 28 that for three weeks, local government in St. Bernard's Parish have been cleaning the water supply. Health officials are ordering more chlorine in tap water and they assure the 12,500 citizens at risk that the amoeba isn't harmful through drinking.

KFOR Channel 4 adds that the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals tested a collected sample of water and it tested positive for Naegleria fowleri, which is a potentially deadly amoeba. This is only dangerous if it's ingested through the nose, according to the report. It was blamed for two deaths in 2013.

The brain-eating amoeba in Louisiana is being dealt with by adding more chlorine to burn through the water system. The work-in-progress has taken three weeks so far, but the chlorine treatment will require a waiting period of 60 days until it's determined if the water is safe at that point.

It's easy for water to get in people's noses, especially when showering or if kids immerse themselves in bath water that incidentally gets in their nostrils. While the brain-eating amoeba in Louisiana is a threat, everyone needs to extra cautious about water being ingested through the nose until it's deemed safer again.

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