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Bradley's father says son would die in the ring fighting Pacquiao if he has to

For one to understand the kind of commitment and dedication to his craft WBO welterweight champion, Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley has, all they need to do is to look at the man's physique; the man is ripped to shreds. It's the kind of body that can only be achieved through a lifetime of hard work, discipline and dedication.

And as far as those traits are concerned, Bradley has his father, Ray, to thank for instilling them in him at an early age. Ray, himself, was a religious weightlifter who almost became a professional body builder. And when he wasn't working two jobs as a security guard and an airport employee, he trained and guided his son into athletics under the Coachella valley heat, in hopes to keep him in line and provide him a positive alternative.

It worked.

Now the kid that he pushed to run the pavements of Indio, Palm Springs and Cathedral City, California has put the entire region on the boxing map as its most accomplished champion.

"He was a natural," Ray told this scribe in Vegas, days before his rematch with Manny Pacquiao."He works hard on top of his natural ability."

Come Saturday, Bradley's determination will even be heightened as he, together with his family and team, look to put closure on the controversial win he had against Pacquiao in their first fight. Ray went as far as saying that this is the moment of his son's life and that he is willing to risk his life for it

"This is what he enjoys doing. This is what he loves doing. If he should die in the ring, he's dead tomorrow. He's happy. and as a father, I have to go with the good and the bad," Ray said.

And after observing Bradley's demeanor all week, I'm not about to question his father's statement. The man is definitely on a mission.

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