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Bradley County SPCA assists in animal hoarding recovery of more than 200 dogs

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Volunteers said the site of 237 scared and overwhelmed puppies and dogs stacked in filthy cages and living in their own excrement was heartbreaking on Wednesday afternoon as the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Bradley County, Tenn. began the difficult task of removing so many animals from the property reported

Neighbors have been complaining about neglected dogs and too many animals on the property located at Candies Creek Road in McDonald, Tenn. for a long time. The dogs were being sold, but no one had any idea there were so many or that the conditions the dogs lived in were so filthy and overcrowded.

Beagles ranging in ages from just a few hours old to adult dogs were kept in crowded cages; some with five dogs to a cage. Many suffered from mange and infections. The stench was so strong rescuers had to wear masks.

A volunteer from the SPCA of Bradley County, Karen Maxwell, told reporters:

"It tugs at your heart when you walk in there and you see people keeping animals like that. I mean it really does, makes you want to try and save them all...The other little ones are in there and just looking at you and their little faces are just saying please help me."

Rescues in the surrounding areas were going in and out of the property all day taking puppies and dogs in an effort to help.

According to the Facebook page of the SPCA of Bradley County:

EMERGENCY: The SPCA is currently working with the Bradley County Sheriff's Department to respond to a call regarding more than 200 beagles. We need your help! This is what you can do:

1) Donate financially. Our Paypal account is

2) Come to the shelter and adopt one of our current guests.

3) Bring supplies to the shelter. We need bowls, crates, leashes, dog food, etc.

4) Volunteer. We need volunteers on the ground to help feed, water and exercise our current guests, to do laundry and more. Please send us a private message or email before going. That way we can make sure volunteers are scheduled to cover all shifts.

The shelter remains open for adoptions.

The beagles will not be made immediately available for adoption.

The Bradley County Sheriff's Office is also investigating.

Because the SPCA Bradley is overwhelmed with the number of dogs surrendered, an additional offer of help came in late Wednesday afternoon:

"A national animal welfare organization is offering their assistance in caring for the 200-plus dogs who were surrendered to the SPCA Of Bradley County - TN today. We are in need of a 5,000 to 8,000 square foot building with HVAC and water, donated or to lease, for the next several weeks in order for this organization to assist. If you know of or have a building that will work, please call/text 423-457-2519 or email"

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