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Bradley and Pacquiao both say rematch has to end in knockout

In the rematch to the most controversial fight since the turn of the new millennium, both Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao agree on one thing, their April 12 fight must end with a knockout.

Paquiao and Bradley both want knockout in rematch
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Recently, both fighters sat down with HBO's Max Kellerman in a pre-fight build up segment called Face Off. Kellerman, a former rapper and current boxing analyst, mediates as both fighters answer his questions as to how the rematch will unfold.

The intensity of the face off could be seen almost immediately as Kellerman was gauging Bradley's feelings as to how the first fight ended. Bradley immediately interrupted Kellerman, "8 to 4. I won that fight, 8-4."

With a look of astonishment on his face, Kellerman continues to question why Bradley feels he won the fight, especially by such a wide margin. "I won by outboxing him. He missed the majority of the punches he was throwing at me," Bradley added.

In one of the most telling moments of the HBO segment, Bradley looks Pacquiao in the eyes and tells him, "Manny, the only way you gone beat me Manny, you gotta knock me out."

Pacquiao's rebuttal, to Kellerman, not looking directly at Bradley, was, "He has to knock me out to win."

Watch the video above, courtesy of HBO Sports, and be sure to tune in April 12 to see one of the most anticipated rematches in boxing history.

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