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Bradford Andra Sachs: Homicide of landlords, mystery being investigated

Bradford and Andra Sachs was the couple killed in their San Juan Capistrano home. Authorities bodies discovered early Saturday morning. The Sachses were reportedly divorced, but shared the same home so they could raise their five children together.

LA Times reported Feb. 10 that Bradford Hans Sachs, 57, and Andra Resa Sachs, 54, were murdered inside their multimillion dollar home. Their eight-year-old son had to be hospitalized due to serious injuries.

As of now investigators are “exploring all possibilities,” but no suspects been identified in the Bradford Andra Sachs case. Orange County Sheriff's Department spokesman Jeff Hallock said. Neighbors are searching for answers as well. One recalls seeing the family ride bikes in the neighborhood and sometimes leave on vacation in an RV.

The murdered couple were landlords and owned a lot of property in San Juan Capistrano and other areas. One of the renters described the Sachses as "always nice, courteous and helpful." Another renter said the opposite...stating that the Bradford and Andra Sachs were difficult to deal with. He said they "changed their name a couple of times on the checks" that he would send them...and that "they didn’t keep their agreements very well at all."

The Bradford and Andra Sachs case sounds like clear foul play. There have reports that maybe someone wanted to get back at them for unethical business practices.

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