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Bradford, Andra Sachs update: 'Isolated' incident, gunman's entry suggestive

Bradford and Andra Sachs were found dead, apparently murdered, in their Orange County mansion last weekend. Now, police are working diligently to find a suspect in the case -- and a motive. On Feb. 13, KTLA reported new details in the case.

"Preliminary information indicates there was no forced entry into the residence," said Lt. Jeff Hallock who is working on the case. He also said that the incident appeared to be "isolated," and that people in the community weren't at risk according to KTLA. "Investigators continue to explore all possible motives, to include the Sachs' current and past business relationships," Lt. Hallock added.

Bradford and Andra Sachs were both shot with the same gun according to police. As previously reported, their 8-year-old son was also shot and while he wasn't killed, police say that the child was an "intended target." What is really interesting is that the person who killed this former couple got into the house and past a couple of security measures (like alarms and guard dogs) without any trouble. This is leading people to believe that whoever murdered the Sachs' knew them -- and their house -- fairly well.

This notion would compliment the idea that whoever killed Bradford and Andra did so because of some bad business. The two were notorious for conducting shady deals, changing their names, and committing fraud -- this according to some of their previous clients.

While Bradford and Andra Sachs look like a normal, unassuming couple, their bad business choices could have backfired in the worst way. Looking deeper into the case from an outside perspective, one might say that the 8-year-old boy who was targeted was a key player in all of this. Perhaps the gunman wanted to kill the child because he was the youngest of the pair's five children. Their two teenage daughters were home at the time of the murder but were unharmed. Their two eldest kids were away at college. The only one still completely dependent on his parents was the boy who was shot.

A different scenario suggests that the boy entered his parents' bedroom at the time of the murder and perhaps recognized the gunman, alas causing him to shoot. Or maybe the gunman just wanted to injure the child so that he could get away without the kid calling 911.

The Bradford / Andra Sachs case is baffling but police should be able to put pieces together and identify a suspect. The truth will eventually come out.

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