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Bradford Andra Sachs update: 8-year-old boy 'targeted' in murder plot

Bradford and Andra Sachs were found dead in their California home over the weekend and authorities are still looking for a potential suspect. On Feb. 12, NBC Los Angeles went into a little more detail surrounding the case, and updated the public on the situation.

Bradford Sachs, 57, and Andra Sachs, 54 were once married but since divorced. They lived together in an Orange County mansion and ran at least one business together. The couple had five children together, three of whom were home at the time of the attack. Bradford and Andra were both shot to death and one of their children -- their 8-year-old son -- was also shot... but not killed.

Bradford and Andra Sachs were both shot with the same weapon. At this point it does sound like there was one gunman who entered their home. Their son was not shot by mistake according to police -- he was "targeted." The two teen girls who were home at the time were not harmed. The suspect was able to flee the area without getting caught and, as of now, it's unclear whether or not police have any idea who the suspect might be.

"The Sachs were involved with several small businesses, including DSL startup Flashcom and electric car-conversion company Plug In Solutions. Evidently, the couple also owned a glut of property, as there are a dozen or so angry tenants who have given them bad reviews on rip-off sites," reports NBC Los Angeles.

As previously reported, Bradford and Andra Sachs may have been into some "funny business" and bad dealings -- and this may have lead to the suspect(s).

"One of the mystifying aspects of the case is how the killer got in and out of the home -- the more than 9,000-square-foot mansion is embedded in a hill near a cul-de-sac and has guard dogs" (NBC Los Angeles).

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