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Bradford, Andra Sachs shot to death: Capistrano couple's slaying baffles police

Bradford and Andra Sachs were shot to death in their San Juan Capistrano home over the weekend with three of their five children at home when it happened. The Sachs' eight-year-old son was also shot, but he was taken to a hospital and expected to survive, according to the Orange County Register on Feb. 11.

Bradford and Andra Sachs were gunned down in their San Juan Capistrano home with three of their five kids in the house.
YouTube screen shot

A 911 call from someone in the Sachs' home came into the Orange County Police. Apparently the call was made by one of the couple's two teenage kids that were home at the time of the shooting. The couple's two oldest sons are away at college.

Police arrived to find both Bradford and Andra Sachs' dead from gunshot wounds in their Peppertree Bend luxury home. Their youngest child was also found wounded from a gunshot, according to Lt. Jeff Hallock of the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

There are no suspects in this case so far and police are not saying whether the children who were at home at the time of the shooting were able to give any details or clues as to what happened.

Police are now looking into Bradford and Andra Sach's business dealings. The couple's past has shown that they've done business with companies that frequently found themselves in litigation. Hallock said at this point "We are trying to turn over every little rock."

Bradford Sachs was 57-years-old and his ex-wife, Andra was 54. Legal documents show that the couple filed for divorce back in 1999, but they never changed a thing about their living situations. They went on living in the same house together, worked together and raised their five kids together.

Police have discovered that the couple were involved in several lawsuits with their tech company. The police are looking into the Sachs' past which shows a list of lawsuits involving companies that are under the couple's name.

At this time police aren't even sure if this was a random attack or if the Sachs were a target of this shooting.

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