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Bradford, Andra Sachs deaths update: How killer gained access baffles police

Police have released new details on the Bradford and Andra Sachs mysterious shooting deaths. This includes the news about the Sachs' eight-year-old son, who was believed to be a target and not shot accidentally. The Sachs were a San Juan Capistrano couple who were found shot and dead in their home over the weekend and police are at a loss for a motive or a suspect, according to NBC News on Feb. 12. While the couple was shot, the cause of their death is still not determined.

Bradford and Andra Sachs death has many mysteries that are stumping police, like how did the killer get by the guard dogs?
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Another mystery that leaves police at a loss today is how the killer got by the guard dogs of the Sachs' sprawling mansion? The way their Orange County mansion is set up with security would make entry for intruders extremely difficult, especially with the guard dogs on the property. First of all they would need an access code for the door. Since there is no signs of forced entry, how the killer gained entry is a mystery today. One neighbor commented on the security at the house being more than ample to ward off an intruder.

New information on the Sachs business dealings have shown Andra Sachs as an "aggressive" landlord, according to one of her tenants who rents business space from the couple. Carl Palmer, the tenant who talked to NBC News said as a landlord, Andra Sachs was "very negative" and "wouldn't do anything for you."

Bradford and Andra Sachs own a massive amount of real estate and they did leave a trail of "a dozen or so angry tenants," reports NBC News, who also discovered numerous liens against Andra Sachs. At one point she owed creditors more than $1 million.

Police received a 911 call from inside the home of the Sach's upscale residence on Peppertree Bend about 2 a.m. on Sunday. When they arrived at the house they found Bradford Sachs, 57, and Andra Sachs 54 dead. Both suffered from gunshot wounds but it is not determined how they died as of yet.

Three of the Sachs five kids were at home at the time, but only one, an eight-year-old boy, was shot and in serious condition, but survived. The other two teenagers, both girls, were unharmed.

Police believe that the eight-year-old was targeted and not shot accidentally, but they would not say how they came to that deduction. They also would not say why the teenage girls were not harmed, did they hide? The Sachs' two oldest kids, both boys, were away at college at the time of the shooting.

The Orange County Police confirmed that all three suffered gunshot wounds and that Bradford and Andra Sachs were shot with the same gun. They did not say if the same gun was used on the boy.

The Sachs are divorced but living together and working together. They filed for divorce back in 1999, but they still lived as if they were married, raising the five kids together. The couple was involved in a few tech company start-ups and they were also involved with companies that often found themselves in litigation.

Police are at a loss for clues or leads at this point saying that they do not believe this was a random home invasion or robbery, but a homicide. They are now seeking the public's help as they are "looking at all possibilities" said a member of the Orange County Police Department. Anyone that has any information at all that could help police in this case is asked to call the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

This case has baffled law enforcement and the police won't divulge whether they've learned anything about the crime from the two teenage daughters of the Sachs. The girls were home at the time of the shooting, but unharmed. Most likely not involving the girls in the media is a move to keep the girls safe.

This brings up another question, why was the youngest Sachs child shot and not the two older girls? Did he try to help his parents or did he see something? There are still so many unanswered questions from this very sad, but very bizarre case.

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