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Bradford Andra Sachs: Couple murdered due to 'funny business'?

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Bradford and Andra Sachs were found dead in the bedroom of their home in Orange County, California last week and new details surrounding their mysterious case have surfaced. On Feb. 12, NewsOXY reported that Bradford, 57, and Andra, 54 were attacked around 2 a.m. on Sunday. Their 2-year-old adopted son was injured in the attack -- but not killed. Three of their other five children were home at the time of the attack but were not injured. Their other two (older) children were away at college.

According to the report, police believe that the Sachs were murdered by someone who had a problem with their business -- property rentals. Several people had complaints about how the Sachs conducted business and it sounds like they were crooked -- and that could be the link to their murders.

Bradford and Andra Sachs "changed their company name regularly" and were very shady about their identities. People who rented properties from the Sachs have said that something wasn't "right" about them -- and some feel as though they were into something else, something more serious, illegal even. Why else would you change your business name and encourage clients not to spread the word about your business? This is what police are working to get to the bottom of.

"Consumer watchdog website Ripoff Report contained several allegations against the couple over disputed rental agreements and claims that they took advantage of Andra’s dying mother," reports NewsOXY.

Arrests in Bradford and Andra Sachs' murders have not yet been made. It's unclear whether or not police even have a suspect at this point.

*Update* According to NBC, the child in the home who was injured was an 8-year-old boy, believed to be the couple's son.

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