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Bradford and Andra Sachs murdered due to ‘questionable business dealings’?

Bradford and Andra Sachs were found fatally shot in their multi-million dollar San Juan Capistrano “fortress” home. As the Bradford and Andra Sachs murder mystery is slowly unraveling, investigators have discovered that a number of tenants and even alleged family members had filed complaints against the couple, reported CBS Los Angeles on Feb. 12, 2014.

Bradford and Andra Sachs murdered due to ‘questionable business dealings’?
Orange County Register

“The Sachses, who were residing together at the time of the killings, had a history of questionable business dealings.”

Despite being divorced, 57-year-old Bradford Hans Sachs and 54-year-old Andra Resa Sachs lived together with their five children inside their estimated $3.7 million, 8,700 square-foot home in the 32000 block of Peppertree Bend in San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

Shortly before 2 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 9, sheriff’s officials received a 911 call from one of the couple’s teenage daughters. When officers arrived at the Sachs residence, they found Bradford and Andra Sachs fatally shot, and their eight-year-old son wounded. The boy is in serious condition and is expected to survive.

At the time of the shooting, the couple’s two younger teen daughters were at home. The two older sons were at college.

Monte Burghardt, the real estate broker who had sold the home to Bradford and Andra Sachs, described the couple’s home as “a fortress” that is gated, walled in, and sits on almost an acre of land.

On Wednesday, officials with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department confirmed there had been no obvious sign of forced entry into the six-bedroom home.

As homicide detectives are digging into the couple’s past by interviewing acquaintances, business associates, and customers, it is becoming apparent that there was more than one person that was quite unhappy with the way that Bradford and Andra Sachs were doing business as entrepreneurs.

“The Sachs were involved with several small businesses, including DSL startup Flashcom and electric car-conversion company Plug In Solutions. The couple also owned many properties, as there are a dozen or so angry tenants who have given them bad reviews on rip-off sites,” reported NBC Southern California.

“NBC4’s I-Team uncovered other business problems, discovering at least half a dozen liens against Andra Sachs going back to 1993.” At one point, according to the claim, Andra Sachs owed more than $1 million.

Bryce Baum, a business owner who leased commercial space in San Juan Capistrano from the couple, commented that there were several questionable issues that had come up with the Sachses who owned several pieces of property in San Juan Capistrano and elsewhere in Orange County.

“I just know that we were here for about a year and a half and they’ve changed business names several times. And I couldn’t even tell you how people have come around looking for them, you know, due to whatever business dealings or money and something like that. But you could tell people were trying to get into contact with them for a while.”

Similarly, Bryce Baum’s father, Ken, told investigators that Bradford and Andra Sachs told him “he had to write his check to a different company name every month.”

“It was very odd because after we signed the lease, we gave them a check. They walked us outside, my son and I, and they said, ‘Whatever you do, don’t tell anybody you know us, you don’t know our names, you don’t know we’re here, we don’t exist.’ And I was kinda puzzled. And he said, ‘The reason why is we own a lot of property and people are always trying to get us for something’.”

Complaints against Bradford and Andra Sachs were voiced on where a number of tenants and even alleged family members warned others not to rent from the couple. One person wrote, “I feel violated and used.” Another person wrote, “She may think she has gotten away with my money … but I will be seeing her behind bars.”

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