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Bradford and Andra Sachs killings: Son treated for 'paralysis' from shooting

Bradford and Andra Sachs death update: Police reveal autopsy official cause of death and 8-year-old son's condition.
Bradford and Andra Sachs death update: Police reveal autopsy official cause of death and 8-year-old son's condition.
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Bradford and Andra Sachs’ shooting death has left an upscale neighborhood shocked with friends of the couple not having so much as a clue as to who would want to kill the Sachs. This was addressed by the Orange County Police on Wednesday at a press conference. Law enforcement revealed the condition of the Sachs’ youngest son who was also shot in this brutal crime.

According to OC Weekly on Feb. 12, the main reason for this press conference was to calm concerns of the Orange County neighborhood were the Sachs’ home is located. This Peppertree Bend area is the same upscale neighborhood often featured on the “Real Housewives of Orange County” show.

Police also said that one of the mysteries surrounding the case is how the killer gained entry to the home. You have to punch in a security code to gain access. There was no forced entry found at the home. The case is still full of more questions than there are answers today.

While police cannot say if this was a targeted shooting or one that was random, but they do believe this is not a case that renders the neighborhood at risk. The statement included:

“Preliminary information indicates there was no forced entry into the residence and the incident appears isolated to the residence at 32271 Peppertree Bend.”

The statement also released the preliminary results of the autopsies on both Bradford and Andra Sachs. The statement reveals:

“Both victims died of injuries resulting from gunshot wounds as later confirmed by an autopsy.”

The police maintained up until now that both victims were dead and had gunshot wounds, but it wasn’t until the autopsy was complete that they now can say the gunshot wounds were the cause of their deaths.

The youngest child of the Sachs, the eight-year-old boy who was the only other family member shot, is being treated for “paralysis” and remains hospitalized, reports the sheriff’s department spokesperson, Lt. Jeff Hallock. This is the first time the boy’s condition has been discussed since the incident.

A woman, who said she was best friends with the Sachs' couldn't understand why anyone would do this to this couple who she described as a "loving couple." While the neighbors and friends considered the Sachs' wonderful people, a few of the tenants of the couple's business rental properties who talked with the media suggested they were very much disliked.

As previously reported, a 911 call from the Sachs' home early Sunday morning, about 2 a.m. reported a shooting. Police arrived to find Bradford and Andra Sachs, both in their 50s, dead with gunshot wounds. Three of their five kids were home at the time and while two of the kids, teenage girls, weren't harmed, the Sachs' eight-year-old son was seriously wounded from gunshots. There are no suspects or motives for this crime as of yet. You can read about what police do know so far here:

Bradford, Andra Sachs deaths update: Killer's entrance strategy baffles police

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