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Bradford and Andra Sachs death: Andra rubbed some the wrong way in business life

Bradford and Andra Sachs death has many mysteries that are stumping police, like how did the killer get by the security code and the guard dogs?
Bradford and Andra Sachs death has many mysteries that are stumping police, like how did the killer get by the security code and the guard dogs?

Bradford and Andra Sachs’ deaths prompted a massive investigation into finding the killer and motive behind the shooting deaths of the prominent Orange County couple. The investigation has taken a few strange turns when it comes to finding out more about the couple and their dealings outside of their family life in the business world.

According to the OC Register on Feb. 14, the Sachs' were a powerful couple with their hands in dozens of business ventures. It was Andra Sachs that was considered the powerhouse behind their business dealings.

Bradford Sachs was by her side through their business dealings, but it was Andra at the helm, according to the people who knew the couple. The couple went through a divorce in 1998, which was described as a “bitter battle,” but Andra herself had told people close to her that the divorce was for financial reasons only. The couple stayed together, living in the same house and working together even though they were divorced. They were described as being “soul mates” by close friends.

One of the couple’s main source of income in the past was from Flashcom, which is an internet service provider. Together the couple owned the biggest share of the stocks. Around the time that the stocks were rumored to go public, Andra Sachs was removed from the board of directors. She collected $9 million cashing in her stocks from that company.

The reason that Andra was removed from this position was stated in the documents in a lawsuit that followed. The documents said:

“(Andra Sachs) could no longer be tolerated because it was hindering relations with customers, strategic partners, and vendors.”

There wasn’t a shortage of people who were willing to describe the late Andra Sachs as tough to deal with in a business venue. After being ousted from the board, she tried to have the company evicted from the property that they were housed in.

During the couple's divorce the judge was having a tough time getting both Bradford and Andra’s cooperation and he hired a company to collect property documents, rent documents and bills from their properties. This was a way to straighten out their finances so they could continue with the divorce.

Neither of the two were willing to provide that information to the court or the company, who failed at getting the information wanted by the judge, but the divorce was granted.

The real estate broker who sold them the 3.8 million dollar home that they lived in with their five children and the home they would eventually be killed in, said that Andra told him the divorce as a “financial decision” for “liability sake.”

The real estate broker, Monte Burghardt, was also a friend and he was the one to describe the couple as “soul mates.” They had three biological children of their own and adopted two children.

Burghardt was the person to describe Andra Sachs as the driving force behind business and he also added that Bradford was “a musician at heart.” He also said that with Andra Sachs:

“It was real simple, her business approach,” he said – she was tight with money but a, “straight shooter. She was just a brilliant business woman. She had a beautiful soul, but don’t mess with her.”

Many of the companies that the couple had business dealings with found themselves in litigation frequently over the years. Tenants of their business and residential rentals named Andra as a woman who was very tough to deal with. The couple was also referred to as “the epitome of slum lords” by Justin Myers, 30, whose mother rented property from the Sachs.

The Sachs owned property in several states and also in Mexico. In 2011 Andra Sachs was on the list of California’s top delinquent taxpayers. She owed more than $1.1 million. Neither of the Sachs showed up on that list the following year, suggesting either the tax debt was unfounded or finally paid for the year 2011.

It was last Sunday when the Orange County Police received a call from inside the Sachs’ home reporting a shooting. When they arrived at the San Juan of Capistrano neighborhood home of Bradford and Andra Sachs, they found the couple shot to death.

They also found their eight-year-old son shot, but still alive. He remains in the hospital today being treated for paralysis. The Sachs’ two teenage daughters were home at the time of the shootings, but both were unharmed. Their two older children were away at college, so they weren’t at home.

The mystery as to who the killer or killers were that did this to the Sachs’ is still unsolved today. There was no forced entry into the house. The killer or killers got by the guard dogs and were somehow able to gain access to a home that had a security code that needed to be punched into a key pad for entry.

Because of the checkered business dealings of the Sachs, the police are leaving no stone unturned and checking with recent and past business dealings of the couple.

Police do not believe that the son was shot accidentally. They believe he was a target when he was hit, but that is as far as they went with that information. Did he try and help his parents and the killer shot him? Why weren’t the teenage girls harmed? Did they hide when they heard the gun shots? The home is a sprawling mansion so that is one possible scenario as to why the girls made it out of the attack unharmed. Police do not know if the couple was a target or a random attack, although at a press conference they did tell the neighbors that

Police did not divulge any information that they were able to get from the kids who were at home at the time of the shooting. It is not known if the kids were able to give them anything useful. The authorities have no motive or no suspects on the shooting deaths of the Sachs today, a week after this horrific crime. The Sachs' children are with relatives today, according to latest reports. Their youngest child, who was shot in the attack, is still in the hospital.

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