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Bradd Marquis heats up the Summer with his new album, Thank You

Bradd Marquis
Bradd Marquis
Bradd Marquis

Summertime means weddings, anniversaries and plenty of outdoor fun. In Chicago, one of the things that most of these events will have in common is Chicago style stepping. Bradd Marquis' new album, Thank You, is a soulful addition to your Summer jam playlist.

Thank You is Bradd Marquis' third album. In a recent interview, Bradd stated that this project was born out of a lot of mistakes on his previous album. He chose the to name it Thank You to express gratitude to the people who stuck with him through his learning curve and all of the trials that went along with it. This project showcases Bradd's growth as an artist. This album contains 12 tracks and is available for download via iTunes and Amazon.

Bradd describes himself as "the tortoise" in the music industry race. His approach is slow and steady. He believes that if he takes things step by step, without skipping steps; he will end up where he is meant to be. Bradd focuses on creating music that resonates with him self first. Then it will resonate with other people; and success will come. "If you do things that other people want you to do, but you are not comfortable with it, it will be hard for you to sell it to other people."

Like so many other artists, Bradd started singing in the church. When asked when he knew that he was actually a professional singer, he replied "when I looked in the mirror and saw an artist." He has developed a rich soulful sound that engages his fans. He wants his fans to want to sing along to music that they can relate to. Bradd says, he wants to record music that people will still be able to relate to 50 years from now.

Bradd is planning a fall tour to celebrate the anniversary of his project. He also has performances scheduled in various cities. Check his website for upcoming shows and to follow him on social media. You can listen to the interview with Bradd on WBDN media.