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Brad Pitt serving English pub fare at Angelina Jolie wedding?

Did you know Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie love eating at English pubs? The Hollywood celebrity couple takes their children out for British food so often they started a rumor in the press that he's planning on serving pub fare to their wedding guests.
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There is a new rumor going around about the Angelina Jolie wedding. Celebrity gossip sources are claiming that the Hollywood icons are planning on marrying at their home in the south of France this fall. News reports are claiming that the star celebs plan to serve English food at the event -- as in bland, boring, British pub food.

Metro UK proclaimed, "The Hollywood couple are big fans of British food, frequently taking their six children out for pub lunches, perhaps signifying that this cuisine could be part of their special day." But what real evidence did they have to make the claim? None. Nada. Zip, apparently.

While news that Brad Pitt is the person in charge of all the wedding planning and it may be true that the handsome actor turned wine connoisseur hand-picked the wine list, chances are he's going to rely on chef's expertise selecting a menu that both he and his bride will enjoy while also appeasing the celebrity couple's six children and visiting guests.

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Taking the family out for lunch at a local pub with frequency might indicate that there is a certain fondness for pub fare as comfort food, but with only twenty guests rumored to be attending Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's wedding, one would expect them to serve at least some gourmet food at a reception dinner.

Angelina Jolie has always encouraged her children to try all sorts of regional cuisine from around the world. The celebrity mom made headlines in the past when she told reporters that one of her children's favorite snacks is fried crickets, an Asian delicacy.

Brad Pitt, on the other hand, seems to be the driving force behind most of the American cuisine inspired dining excursions. For example, he regularly visits the chain restaurant Dave & Busters with his son Maddox when the father and son pair are traveling alone together in the United States.

Both star celebs have also admitted the family loves to visit Beni Hana restaurants. The Asian inspired menu features hibachi steak and teriyaki chicken -- but just because they like that does not mean that the love birds will be hiring in chefs from there to cook for their wedding guests.

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