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Brad Pitt says nutter who attacked him is going to get stomped

Brad Pitt and his fans have been recovering from the emotional shock of his being attacked recently. In response to this incident Pitt has issued an awesome statement to the guy who who punched him on the red carpet reported MTV News on June 2, 2014. Pitt referred to the attacker as a nutter when he recently commented about him.

 Brad Pitt attends the World Premiere of Disney's 'Maleficent' in Hollywood, California.
Brad Pitt attends the World Premiere of Disney's 'Maleficent' in Hollywood, California.
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Pitt has had few choice words for Vitalii Sediuk, who is the guy who punched him at the “Maleficent” premiere last week. Pitt said he was simply signing autographs when he noticed this guy diving over the barricade at him. As he stepped back Sediuk grabbed onto his lapels. When Pitt looked down he saw the nutter was trying to bury his face in his crotch. So, Pitt cracked him lightly on the back of the head to try to get him to let go. Sediuk finally let go and was taken into police custody.

Pitt apparently has patience for an exhibitionist, but this guy has clearly gone too far for good taste. Pitt feels this guy has been ruining things for fans who like to enjoy autographs or a selfie at such events. He went on to say if Sediuk ever looks up a woman’s dress again, as he also recently did, he’s going to get himself stomped. Sediuk has made a reputation for himself for crashing premieres and awards shows to harass celebrities.

Meanwhile Sediuk is already out of jail on probation reports CBS News. Sediuk says he was just trying to give Pitt a hug and didn't mean to cause him him any harm. Sediuk has since been fired as a journalist by the Ukrainian television station 1+1. His sentence includes community service and a restraining order which prevents him from going near Hollywood events. Although Sediuk claims he never actually punched Pitt, he did clearly upset Pitt whose sentiments about this unusual incident are clearly very normal.