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Brad Pitt could give us movie version of Rachman's "The Imperfectionists"

The Imperfectionists
The Imperfectionists

Brad Pitt has bought the film rights to Tom Rachman's debut novel, "The Imperfectionists," according to Canada's National Post.

That leaves fans of the breakout novel wondering whether Pitt will take on the role of any of Rachman's quirky, nerdy newsroom characters.

"The Imperfectionists" examines the members of the staff of an English-language newspaper based in Rome. The paper is suffering as it refuses to establish a website in the age of electronic media.

Rachman, 35, has won wide acclaim for "The Imperfectionists," which he wrote after years of working for the Associated Press and newspapers. It's clear he was a keen observer of the newsrooms he passed through; anyone who has ever worked in a newsroom will recognize many of Rachman's characters, each profiled in a separate chapter, as editors, reporters or copy editors they've worked with.

A movie version of the book could be just what the flailing newspaper industry needs to regain some of its "cool factor" with a public that is increasingly drawn toward social media and iPad apps.