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Update: Reporter that slapped Brad Pitt now on Hollywood security watch list

Brad Pitt was struck in the face at Maleficent movie premiere
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Update May 30: Today Yahoo News, is reporting that "Sediuk's publicist (?!) has dumped him ("After the Pitt incident I … was as shocked as anyone," Christa Scherck told The Insider With Yahoo) and his attorney has issued a statement proclaiming Sediuk's innocence. Oh, and his former employer, 1+1 TV channel, put out a press release announcing his termination a few weeks ago after the Ferrera attack at Cannes. "From now on, the journalist no longer represents the interests of the company," they declared. I wish him good luck with all that."

Original report below:

Last night as crowds thronged the red carpet for the premiere of Disney movie “Maleficent”, Vitalii Sediuk jumped over the barrier and struck actor Brad Pitt in the face. Pitt was attending the event in support of the star of the movie and mother of his children, Angelina Jolie. Sediuk was taken away and arrested.

This is not the first time Sediuk has turned out to be a thorn in the side of Hollywood’s elite; and it would seem that by now event security would be on the lookout for him. He makes no attempt to hide and does not even bother to alter his appearance.

Sediuk was last seen curled up under the skirt of actress America Ferrara during the Cannes Film Festival as she walked the red carpet for the premiere of “How To Train Your Dragon 2”. Ferrara was being escorted by two men and Sediuk still managed to be photographed peeking out through the netting of the train of her dress. It was actually a few minutes before Ferrara even realized she had an unwanted guest. He was dragged off the red carpet and arrested.

In May 2012, Sediuk received a warning tap in the face from the usually light-hearted Will Smith. During the premiere for the movie “Men In Black 3”, Will Smith was approached by press-credentialed Sediuk, who presumably had a few questions for the Fresh Prince. To Smith’s astonishment, Sediuk embraced him and attempted to kiss him on the lips. Smith immediately shoved Sediuk away, throwing in a few choice words.

In February 2013, Sediuk suddenly appeared onstage with J.Lo and Pitbull as they were presenting a Grammy award to singer Adele. J.Lo quickly threw up her hand and blocked Sediuk from touching Adele. As soon as he left the stage he was arrested. He told police that he had entered the Grammys with some friends who had media credentials and walked right in. He said security patted down his pockets but, amazingly, no one asked to see a ticket.

Sediuk has grabbed actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper around their knees, resting his head on their crotches. After both separate incidents he was immediately arrested. Sediuk is a Ukrainian TV reporter who loves doing pranks. However, his pranks are becoming increasing bold and dangerous.

It was cute when Allen Funt caught people unawares on the old TV program “Candid Camera”, but Sediuk has crossed the line by physically touching and even assaulting people. Pitt had five of his children with him at the premiere last night, but thankfully none of them suffered collateral damage when Sediuk struck their father. The police are doing their jobs and making the arrests. It is now up to the courts to do theirs, shut the revolving jail door, and make one of these arrests stick before someone gets hurt.

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