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Brad Parker dies: Climber gets a 'yes' to marriage proposal before fatal fall

Brad Parker asked the love of his life to marry him after climbing Cathedral Peak together in Yosemite National Park on Saturday and she accepted. A few hours later Parker was dead after falling off the rocks he had climbed many times in the past as a veteran climber, according to CBC News Ca. on Aug 19.

Brad Parker falls to his death at Yosemite after proposing marriage to girlfriend.
YouTube screen shot

Parker is well known as a veteran climber as he’s even appeared on the cover of California Climber Magazine because of his skill and love for the sport. After getting a “yes” for his proposal, the couple climbed back down the mountain together, with Parker going on to yet another climb, but this time solo, reports MSN News today.

Jainee Dial left the park an engaged woman as the man she planned to marry went off on his own to conquer another goal. Witnesses saw Parker climb Matthes Crest, which is a ridge of upturned rock and about three-miles from the peak he had just climbed with his girlfriend. This was a popular climb and there were people also taking this trek, but Parker went at it solo and without ropes.

Witnesses said they saw the 36-year-old Parker fall. He attempted this climb solo, which is something he was fully capable of doing and had done before. People today cannot understand how he fell on such an established route.

Park rangers hiked to where Parker’s body fell and stayed with the body on the mountain overnight, bringing his body down the next day. Jerry Dodrill, a life-long friend of Parker’s who often climbed with him as a photographer taking pictures of the professional climber.

He told the media he can’t understand what went wrong, his buddy had climbed Matthes Crest with “relative ease on several occasions.” His next climb was supposed to be in a few days when Dodrill was going with Parker to climb the High Sierra. Instead he will be going to his friend’s funeral services.

Parker, who often climbed with his father and brother, enjoyed his time on the mountains. His father believes the fatigue of climbing earlier in the day may have contributed to his fall. As a memorial, family and friends will be climbing
the Cathedral Peak on Tuesday.

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