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Brad Paisley Westboro: Country singer takes selfie with hate group

Brad Paisley
Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley decided to take a crazy selfie of himself with the Westboro Baptist Church. On Tuesday night, E! Online shared the photo of Brad. He is not afraid to show everyone his picture but it is actually just Brad being silly. The church showed up to protest his concert in Kansas City and so he went out to see them. You can assume it is because of the drinking that is going on at these concerts, but they really don't explain why.

The church was holding up signs such as "God Hates Drunks." Brad tweeted a picture of himself and said, "Westboro Baptist Selfie!! Or west-Burro(a**) selfie. Hopefully they can hear the show out here." Westboro even went online saying that yes Brad was mocking them but he was polite to them. That is pretty nice coming from this group. This was on YouTube. On Twitter, they said, "Is @BradPaisley TRULY mocking Westboro Baptist Church? It's hard to say."

One fan of Brad went to Twitter and was even able to get a picture that is a selfie of himself in front of Brad Paisley taking a selfie. It is a pretty impressive shot and Brad agreed with that so much that he retweeted it and responded to the fan. There was even a car behind this guy waiting but he got his selfie instead of moving out of the way. Brad called it the first ever selfie of a selfie. This could become a new trend and people might try to find a way to take these on their own.

Fans of Brad Paisley think this picture was hilarious. He handled it very well by going out there, meeting with them but being polite during the entire thing. Brad knows how to handle himself in a manner that won't get him in trouble. Other artists might not handle it with this much class. Westboro Baptist Church might think twice before going to a Brad Paisley concert again though. They seem to always go places that will get their name out in the press.