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Brad Paisley jokes Westboro Baptist should picket Twiggy the squirrel

Two days after Westboro Baptist Church picketed Brad Paisley’s concert in Kansas City, the country superstar is apparently still shaking his head over their antics as he continued to mock the group on his Twitter page on Tuesday. The well-known group who professes to be a church but shows little in the way of respect for others or any true intent of leading people to a relationship with Jesus Christ, decided that Brad Paisley would be their latest target and showed up at his concert ready to send a message.

Brad Paisley still dissing Westboro Baptist Church, jokes Twiggy is next target
Brad Paisley, Twitter

The more-often-called “hate group” held signs that said “God hates drunks” and “Sin breeds violence” among other condemnations. Regardless of their implications that Brad Paisley is somehow more of a sinner than, well, everyone (the Bible states that all are sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God), didn’t shake the country singer up one bit.

In fact, in true Brad Paisley style, he walked outside to the picket line, joined the group and took a selfie as he made a silly face. That night he tweeted:

Westboro Baptist Selfie!! Or west-Burro(ass) selfie. Hopefully they can hear the show out here. We'll play loud.

Despite the tweet, according to E!Online, members of Westboro Baptist commented that though Brad Paisley was mocking them, he was still polite.

Since Brad Paisley usually comes across as a guy who doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, that sounds about right. However, while he may not have a mean bone, he certainly does have a funny bone. The ever-joking star not only had a good laugh at the expense of Westboro Baptist on the night of his Kansas City concert, he decided to have a little more fun with it on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s tweet to fans was perhaps even funnier than the first one:

Can't wait til Twiggy goes to ski at the next boat show in Missouri & Westboro Batsh!t pickets HIM.#sinfulsquirrel -

Brad Paisley was, of course, referring to Twiggy, the water-skiing squirrel who helped make Brad Paisley’s latest video for “River Bank.” After all, Twiggy was just as much a sinful culprit as all those girls in bikinis and Brad Paisley himself, right?

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