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Brad Paisley confronts Westboro Baptist Church protesters

Wesboro Baptist Church members picketed Brad Paisley outside the country star’s show in Bonnor Springs, Kansas on Sunday, according to a New York Daily News report on Monday. Paisley was targeted by the controversially infamous protestors at his weekend concert because of one of his most popular songs called “Alcohol.” Paisley, himself, doesn’t drink, though.

Brad Paisley selfie of himself with the Westboro Baptist Church protesters on June 1, 2014
Twitter/ Tennessean

Yet, “Alcohol” is the apparent reason for the Westboro Baptist Church protesters showing up to express their disapproval of him. After all, one of the signs asserted “God hates drunks.” Other than the protesters, however, the song is widely accepted by even being one of the 100 Greatest Country Songs of All-Time according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Other signs that were displayed outside the Paisley concert tend to be confusing. Other signs appeared to have nothing to do with the country super star or his adoring fans that were coming to hear his concert. One sign said “God controls all.” Yet another sign stated “Sin breeds violence.”

When Paisley saw they were targeting him outside the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater where he was to perform, he approached them. More than that, he also landed a selfie of himself standing before the group of Westboro Baptist Church protesters. According to Yahoo! News, along with the selfie, he wrote on social media:

Westboro Baptist Selfie!! Or west-Burro(ass) selfie. Hopefully they can hear the show out here. We’ll play loud.

This isn’t the first concert in which the Westboro Baptist Church protesters have appeared. About three months ago, the group picketed a Lorde concert in Kansas City, Missouri. At that time, they claimed that the pop singer was teaching young people how to be indolent rebels. Last September, they protested a Vince Gill performance in Kansas City. They targeted Gill for divorcing his first wife and remarrying. Gill told the protesters:

You know what else <Jesus> said? He said a lot about forgiveness, about grace. You guys don’t have any of that.

The Westboro Baptist Church has nothing to do with the Baptist church. They are most infamous for protesting at the funerals of military persons in the United States. They also repeatedly target homosexuals in their protests.

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