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Brad Morris and Emily Wilson on "Cougar Town" Tonight

Brad Morris and Emily Wilson in "Cougar Town" with Courtney Cox
Brad Morris and Emily Wilson in "Cougar Town" with Courtney Cox
Courtesy of TBS

While it is always sad to see exceptional players at Second City leave, that's the nature of the business.

Both Brad Morris and Emily Wilson, recently featured in "Taming of the Flu" directed by the always great Mick Napier, have moved out to the coast and are already working their way through the Hollywood maze.

Morris has been seen in numerous national commercials and one great episode of "The Office." That's saying something, especially as "The Office" has gone long past jumping the shark and is verging on jumping all kinds of other animals.

Wilson, a truly nice person as well as exceptionally funny, has joined forces with Morris as both a writer and actor on the TBS show, "Cougar Town." Don't let the name of the show scare you off - they've done what they can to change it, now the name is an ongoing joke. The show is one of the few consistently funny and original shows on TV. This writer can't help but think the influence of Second City has a lot to do with the unique and fresh approach to the 30 minute comedy.

So check out the writing and acting talents of Morris, Wilson and the whole cast of "Cougar Town" on TBS tonight - really, you won't be sorry.

PS - Ian Gomez is a stand out - he's one of Chicago's improv greats as well, standing out while at IO.


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