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Brad Morris and Emily Wilson Are Taking Over 'Cougar Town'

Look out Busy and Courtney, there's some new talent in town and they're taking over "Cougar Town."

Brad and Emily are the worst! Loaded up with office and kitchen supplies
Brad and Emily are the worst! Loaded up with office and kitchen supplies
Courtesy of TBS

In case you missed it, for shame, Morris and Wilson debuted as writers and performers on the February 5, 2013 episode of "Cougar Town" as an indecisive couple purchasing a home from Courtney Cox's character. Their interplay, hemming and hawing over the details of the house, was there a walk-in closet, is the wall in the living room load bearing, were sharp and classic Second City style. It was wonderful to see such great talent from our little hamlet of Chicago on the small screen.

As always, the writing and acting were sharp, and I would have perfectly happy with seeing these two familiar faces in the episode, then looking forward to enjoying their wit and talent in future "Cougar Town" scripts. But, to my surprise and delight, pretty much, the end reveal was the "Brad and Emily" series online! I refuse to call them "webisodes" - rather they are genuinely funny little bits with Morris and Wilson interacting with the writing staff and the cast. And no one is safe. Especially Morris and Wilson.

The conceit of the minisodes is "Brad and Emily, they're the worst." Very clever, Mick Napier would be proud, much more fertile comedy ground there. Morris and Wilson are introduced, through a catchy theme song (!) as being new writers who are the worst. They've never seen the show, they're clueless about the plot, they blatantly steal kitchen and office supplies and they're only there because the show runner lost a bet - that's just in the first 30 seconds.

In the first installment of the minisodes, Morris and Wilson introduce themselves to Cox and pitch either terrible ideas or story lines that already exist in the show. Demonstrating his nimble improv skills, Morris deals with a noise nuisance like a Mainstage pro. I'm not giving you details here, check out the video and see for yourselves. You've got 3 minutes, I promise you.

Cox attempts to deftly divert our hapless duo, it doesn't work, so she just tells them to leave and seeks out the show runner for a chat. Wilson and Morris think they may have gotten a thing or two wrong, but it really doesn't bother them that much.

The best news is that more of these minisodes already exist! Check out You Tube or TBS to see "Brad and Emily Drop In On Ian Gomez." Or "Brad and Emily Wardrobe Ideas for Christa." Perhaps "A Pitch for Busy" is more your speed? Either way, something for everyone and all very funny. For all of you who miss the talents of Morris and Wilson on Mainstage, now is your chance to catch up with them. They're as sharp and funny as ever.

"Cougar Town" airs at 9pm CST on TBS. "Brad and Emily" mini-bits are located on You Tube and the "Cougar Town" Facebook page. Well worth a look.

And remember - "Brad and Emily - they're the worst!"

PS - Don't forget to tip your waiters, as always. I'm back baby!


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