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Brad Fritsch puts TheTurn tee in play

Brad Fritsch now uses the adjustable tee.
Brad Fritsch now uses the adjustable tee.
Michael Cohen/Getty Images

Increasingly golf is becoming a game of precision and PGA Tour member Brad Fritsch is adding a little more to his game with the addition of TheTurn tee to his golf bag.

Fritsch recently signed an agreement that will see the second-year PGA Tour player use and endorse the new Canadian developed and made product for at least the next three years.

Highly engineered from durable polycarbonate plastics, TheTurn is an adjustable, durable and dependable tee that provides more consistency to a player’s game whether they are an amateur or a touring professional.

Recently introduced to TheTurn, Fritsch immediately recognized the advantages of its exact adjustability.

"A lot of golfers and instructors are now turning to technology like TrackMan and Flightscope to maximize their equipment and swing, so they want to be precise in how they play each shot. TheTurn tee lets them find what works for them personally and repeat it accurately every time," said the Top 10 finisher from this year's Farmers Insurance Open. "Like they say, you just set it and forget it."

Fritsch, who likes to see a lower ball fight, uses the No.4 setting on TheTurn. Golfers simply dial in the height through the use of an adjustable guide that determines how far the tee goes into the turf.

TurnTee owner Jeff Garber is stoked to have Brad Fritsch endorsing and using the product.

"Since the product launch five months ago the intention has always been to create a buzz around TheTurn. Brad Fritsch has delivered the sonic boom,” said Garber. "A PGA Tour professional being onboard brings instant credibility to our product and corporate messaging plus there is the added benefit of having a highly regarded and respected Canadian athlete using and promoting a Canadian-made product.”

TheTurn is available for sale online ( and at a rapidly growing number of retail locations. It is made in 10 colours with four package options - Traditional White, Global Pink, Stylish Translucent and Olympic Medals. Each package contains eight tees.

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