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Braco, the Croatian Healing Gazer, sharing his gaze online FREE! for next 9 days

I have posted previously here about him, and many of you have heard of the amazing and unique, Braco, a man who gazes at people for a period of 10-minutes or less and helps them feel differently. Some feel more hope, some more joy, and some are even healed from past traumas and injuries or illnesses as a result!

This powerful, unique healer Braco has been doing online, Silent Gazing through the Internet for some time now - here in the U.S., too. And starting today, thanks to a Prof. Elisabeth Wildbolz, who is gifting nine full days of free Braco streaming to everyone. You can go to the Braco-Europe link here to tune in to these FREE gazings.

I encourage you to take this opportunity to experience Braco's loving, peaceful, healing gaze. Who knows what's possible? And the best way to see is to experience it for yourself. The gazing sessions will be starting on the hour every hour between 9AM and 5PM Eastern Time - from today, 6/6/14, through 6/14/14. This is a tremendous opportunity. These gazings will be taking place in Split, on the Adriatic Coast in Croatia. All you have to do is click on the “Live Stream” button at this link to join the thousands of people around the globe in this compassionate, loving encounter with Braco - a unique healer and peace-maker of our times. Share in the joy, gratitude, harmony, and peace of this bright gift, offering bountiful opportunities to meet Braco’s gaze.

To our Health, Wealth, and Deep Peace, Maria Dancing Heart~~~~

p.s. Here's another article on Braco and the story between him and his teacher and also powerful healer, Ivica Prokic - in case you'd like to read more.

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