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Bracket blunder: Connecticut man loses $100k due to error

UConn wins the National Championship, but one UConn fan loses out on bracket blunder.
UConn wins the National Championship, but one UConn fan loses out on bracket blunder.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

A bracket blunder has cost a Connecticut man $100k at the end of NCAA March Madness. Corey Johnson was one of the many that entered the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge, and he thought he was set to win $100,000 when he found himself in tied for fourth place before the final game. On April 8, NBC News reported that the man lost out on the big win because of an error.

What happened to cause Johnson this huge loss? He had the winning team. He was set on UConn, but he noticed on Monday afternoon that his final pick hadn't registered on the site when he made it. Either that or it registered and was somehow deleted due to some glitch. No matter how it happened, Johnson had no final winner selected, and that means he was out of the big money.

Johnson did try to contact the organizers about the error, but he gave up when he found no way to reach them. He said the following about losing out on the money:

It’s unfortunate that it happened to me. I definitely could have used the money for lots of things.

Since news of his loss went public, some have started a social media campaign to get Quicken to pay up on the bracket.

What do you think? Will Quicken and Yahoo! Sports honor his original bracket and pay up the $100k?

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