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The RC21 is a fashionable bracelet with multiple design molds to house the electronic
component, including the MCU GP module, GSM chip antenna, Sim Card: functioning to
activate the GPS signal with one click and a second click to call 911 Emergency. In
multiple surveys of women who have been stalked and assaulted, each believed that the
RC21 could impact the number of victims dramatically. According to several women with
restraining orders, the violation must occur in order for law enforcement to arrest the
violator. According to one anonymous victim, “police couldn’t do a thing until he violated
the restraining order and unfortunately, he sent me to the hospital with cuts from a knife
leaving me with facial scars. Then, he was arrested, but only after the fact.”

The component is designed by Aviontics in the UK and the bracelet molds are being
designed by Sally Ornaments, Ltd. in China. According to Robert Charles, this component
offers many fashion options, “The component is designed to fit inside a very secure space
and fit as comfortably as the mechanism in a time piece. We can adjust the component to
fit on a purse buckle, purse strap, a belt buckle, broach; almost any accessory that a
woman can easily reach in an emergency.” The RC21 project will launch in crowdfunding this week at with production
to commence in Q1, 2015 with product availability to the public in Q2 of 2015. To order a bracelet and support this project click here:

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