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BP Tony Hayward stepping down

BP's Tony Hayward has reached a mutual agreement with the board to step down as CEO. What contributed to Hayward's departure was when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 workers and injuring others.

Hayward had a successful life as a Geologist for BP, before the explosion. He started with BP in 1982 as a rig Geologist. Hayward was making 1.045 pounds a year that is 1.6 million in U.S. dollars.

It was the board's decision to let Hayward go, because Hayward had made quite a few PR mistakes. Hayward came under fire when, he antagonized critics for saying " I want my life back", during the stressful time, he was needed to respond to the oil spewing in the Gulf of Mexico sending tons of oil out into the deep water.

In order for BP to go forward and keep their brand, they had to let Hayward go. Bob Dudley an American, will probably be taken over in Hayward's place. Dudley was raised in Mississippi, while his father was in the navy. He is liked and respected by the company with qualities to take over Hayward's position.This would be BP first American CEO.

BP board would have to approve change in the company's leadership. The board will meet on Monday evening.

Dudley was currently heading the effort to clean up the Gulf coast, this maybe Hayward's likely successor. He took over as point man on the cleanup in June.

It seems Hayward got his wish after all as to "wanting his life back". But, how do you blame one man for a big corporation though? it seems it should have been more than just Hayward, even if he was the CEO. What happen with working together as a team?


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