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BP's 2010 wrecked Macondo Well tar balls hit Gulf shore New Year's Eve

New tar balls that washed ashore on New Year's Eve along the Gulf have tested positive as being from BP's wrecked Macondo well, according to officials and an environmental attorney.

BP's potentially lethal tar balls wash ashore New Year's Eve in ongoing unprecedented US human rights violation
Stuart Smith, Florida state environmental agency

"Some 44 months after the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history, crude oil is still spoiling what had been finest white-sand beaches in this country," stated New Orleans-based attorney Stuart Smith on Friday.

A Florida state environmental official sent photos taken on New Year's Eve of the new tar balls to Smith. They were collected from Florida's Escambia County beaches.

Some 42 pounds of those tar balls were collected and tested, confirming they are from BP's Macondo oil field, the site of the catastrophe, according to Smith.

"In fact, there were so many tar balls from BP’s 2010 spill that a Coast Guard oil-spill response team was called in."

Not only are BP's lethal tar balls a routine occurrence. Massive tar mats — in one case about half the size of a football field — are prevalent, such as those found in the barrier islands off Louisiana, closer to where the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, according to Smith.

Some of BP's oil washing ashore was recently found to contain flesh-eating bacteria that could possibly infect beachgoers who come in contact.

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There are also more Gulf state residents suffering and dying from the H1N1 flu virus than there are in other parts of the country.

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An Australian national news program did more to disclose to the public the ongoing lethality of BP's Gulf crime than any American TV network has to date.

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BP's oil is still leaking from the Macondo Prospect. This is still being censored by corporate-controlled media and the government, as this reporter disclosed this past summer and in her book, Vampire of Macondo.

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"The non-stop fouling of our beaches is an unpardonable sin, and one for which BP should be apologizing every single day," Smith said Friday. "To the contrary, this hugely profitable oil company has been lashing out over the last few months, hurling allegations of fraud at residents and small business owners who dare to seek some economic justice. The allegations seem intended to distract people from an environmental crisis that is ongoing.

"I find BP guilty," asserts Smith, adding, "of incredible hubris."

Vampire of Macondo, Life, crimes and curses in south Louisiana that Powerful Forces Don’t want you to know,” is Deborah Dupre's most recent book, 450 pages packed corporate media censored stories about the BP-wrecked Macondo Prospect crime in the Gulf of Mexico continuing its catastrophic human and environmental devastation. Watch the book video trailer here.

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