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BP media blackout news:Whistle blower claims conspiracy between BP and EPA to hide oil spill impact


After more than 100 days, the public perception of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster has changed from outrage over when the spilling will stop, to where has all the oil gone?

Whistle blower, EPA Senior Policy Analyst Hugh Kaufman believes the oil is still there, it has just been hidden under and unprecedented 1.8 million gallons of Corexit dispersant, and help from the EPA.

Kaufman claims the EPA has been quietly working with BP to downplay the impact of the spill, the clean up, and the affects of the chemical dispersant overdose BP was allowed to pour into the Gulf of Mexico. MSNBC reports, “It’s like letting the criminal clean up the crime scene.”

Kaufman said there was no reason to use dispersants at all. “The only real purpose of using so many dispersants with the oil was to cover up the volume of oil released from that well. That - and lying about how much was coming out, was a mechanism to help BP save billions of dollars in fines.” He added, “The dispersant mixed with oil and water is extremely toxic. “

It has been well documented that BP has been buying scientists with censorship contracts in an effort hide important data, thus limiting their punitive liability. Kaufman said, “I was listening to some of the “experts” who are being paid by BP at Universities who are saying that the oil has disappeared. It hasn’t disappeared.”

Corexit is known to cause internal bleeding, and not just in the thousands of dead dolphins recovered with blood oozing from their mouths and blowholes. Kaufman said some of the human clean up workers “are having the same problem.”

As more whistle blowers come forward, there is increasing evidence to suggest that the gulf oil spill media blackout reaches beyond BP’s public relations department. The United States government now appears to be part of a cover-up that  should be cause for alarm. particularly for Tampa residents and others in close proximity to Gulf waters.


Video: EPA whistle blower


  • videogirl 4 years ago

    Re: BP coverup, follow the money:
    BP Oil spill and EPA: It's September 11th $Deja Vu$

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