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Boys will be boys: Goofy guy faces

The goofy guy face knows no age limits. Give up on perfection and let the silly shine through in your family photos.
The goofy guy face knows no age limits. Give up on perfection and let the silly shine through in your family photos.
Sandy Wallace

If you google the phrase, "boys will be boys," you'll find over a million hits including links to the pop hit "Boys Will be Boys" by Paulina Rubino and "Bad Boy" by Gloria Estefan.

Every family has at least one guy who makes goofy guy faces every time the camera appears
Sandy Wallace

In a March 2013 blog on Psychology Today, Elizabeth Meyer, Ph.D. suggests that the phrase "boys will be boys" should be banned from our collective vocabulary because it limits children's expression, excuses bad behavior and causes children to think in gender stereotypes, allowing gender biases to form.

Although some parents may use the phrase to excuse aggressive behavior by boys, many parents use the phrase to describe silly behavior boys seem to enjoy.

One of those 'boys will be boys' behaviors that many parents can relate to is guys who love making goofy guy faces during family photos. Every family has one of these guys and some families have more than one.

In many families, moms and dads balance one another, each offering different guidance to their kids. Moms are often more protective while dads often encourage kids to push the limits.

Some dads are goofy face makers, clowning for the camera at the drop of a hat. Their sons often follow suit, holding bunny ears over a sibling's head or making a silly face every time the camera makes an appearance.

What's a mom to do when you're trying to take a nice family photo and goofy guy faces appear? You can get annoyed and tell your guys, old and young, to knock it off or you can roll with it.

Instead of sweating the small stuff, begin or end each photo session with a goofy face pose. If your guys know they can act goofy in at least one photo, maybe you will luck out on another pose.

Daily life can be filled with stress and activity. Families can get bogged down in the mechanics of life and lose out on the special times that make each family unique.

Sometimes the simplest pleasures are what build the longest lasting memories in family life. So let go of perfection and bring a little fun into your family life together. Go for the goofy.

Parenting is a call to love unconditionally, while teaching your children the life lessons they will need to be loving and caring people. Practice what you preach by loving your goofy face guys. You'll cherish the photos someday.

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