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Boys to Men

Prison; drugs; crime; low self esteem; lost identity; no standards; no goals; no hope. Many times this is a result of the absence of a father and positive male role model. Yes, it’s true. Men are called to be leaders and the enemy’s job is to ensure this does not happen. A smart adversary begins at the head; at the top…ensuring that it affects all others. If the enemy can continue to fool men into believing that raggedy lives are acceptable; if he can convince men that they don’t need to be there for their children; if he can persuade them to look out for themselves and not be a responsible family man; if he can influence men to run the streets, trying to be cool and using substances…. Well, destruction is quick to follow.

Many families are broken because of a lack of leadership. I am not suggesting that single mothers are not able to raise a strong family. However, that is not the original plan of GOD. A man is better able to raise a boy into a responsible godly man, if he himself is a responsible godly man. A man who is respectful, and has integrity, will be able to show his daughter what type of man she should wait for, as it relates to a husband.

A girl who has a father, who loves her and protects her, is a girl who can be a confident woman, unwilling to settle for ungodly, lazy, abusive men. She will not allow her body to be used as a bargaining tool for love. She will not have a problem with submitting, because her husband will be following GOD and she has nothing to prove. Why? Because her father encouraged her….he showed her; and he told her, that she was special.

A boy who has a father, who loves him and trains him, is a boy who can be a confident man, unwilling to be lazy, slothful or abusive. He will not have a need to abuse or take advantage of a woman, because he has nothing to prove. He is a man confident in his own skin, believing that he can lead, as he follows GOD. He is not ashamed to pray with his family; teach the Word through his life examples and serve the LORD in everything he does. He does not need a drug to give him peace; he doesn’t need validation from others, in order to accomplish what GOD has purposed him to do. Joseph had a father who loved him, and although he was betrayed and misused; he was faithful, with integrity...a man with a dream, who lived it out and did not quit.

Men need to get in position and stay there. GOD has set things in order. As long as the order is out of order, there will be confusion; chaos; turmoil and uncertainty. This is not GOD’S plan. Men if you are battling with strongholds; addictions; habits; guilt, shame, hurt and confusion…GOD wants to make you whole, and put you in position.

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

If you are a man struggling with substance abuse; GOD wants to restore you. Please check out an 18 month residential discipleship program and training center.

All are invited to join us for a fundraiser/luncheon/graduation for Outstretched Arms, on Saturday September 13, 2014 at 12:00p.m. Athena Banquet Hall 25650 Gratiot Ave Roseville MI 48066. You can purchase a 25.00 ticket on our website in order to hold a spot (Prayer/Praise/Message/Food/Fellowship.)

Join us every morning from 6-6:30am (EST), for prayer, at 218 862-1416 (8771# code)
Connect with me at Facebook @ Pastor Toni-Brooke Brown Instagram @ PastorToniBrown Twitter@RevToniBrown

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