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Boys poison teacher: 2 boys arrested for rat poison in teacher's water bottle

Two fifth grade boys were arrested on Tuesday after they allegedly put “a substance consistent with rat poison” in their teacher’s water bottle. The poison was put into the water bottle on Monday afternoon and on Tuesday, the teacher felt nauseated, according to MSN News on May 21.

Boys 9 and 12 poison their teacher by putting rat poison in her water bottle.
Wikimedia Commons

The boys, who are only 9 and 12-years old, are facing a few charges including attempted second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon, according to CNN News today. They two were charged as juveniles in this crime. The teacher was treated by her doctor and is feeling better today, reports The New York Department of Education.

The poison is believed to be rat poison, but it is being tested in a lab, so until the test comes back there is nothing official on what type of poison the boys allegedly used. The school where the unnamed educator teaches and where the unnamed boys attend classes is the P.S. 315 in Brooklyn.

This is also known as the School of Performing Arts. This is a public school with 849 students that range in grades from pre-K to fifth grade. The school has not released a statement but the Department of Education conveyed in their statement that they will take “swift and appropriate” action when the investigation is complete.

Someone informed the teacher what the two boys had done after the teacher got sick to her stomach, reports the New York Daily News. The teacher called the police. The authorities report that the “preliminary tests” done on the water point to rat poison.

A motive for the boys allegedly trying to poison their teacher has not been released. The school year is winding down and this is the last year in the school for these two fifth graders. The school doesn’t offer a sixth grade and beyond.

This is still an on-going investigation as the police probe what led up to these boy's actions. Thankfully the teacher is on the road to recovery, as this could have been a fatal outcome for the unsuspecting educator.

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