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'Boys of Abu Ghraib' shows the harsh realities of war and it's cold blooded

Abu Ghraib is a city just West of Baghdad. Iraq. A prison there is used by American forces for war criminals. In 2003, Abu Ghraib prison was of international focus for the abuse and tortuous treatment that American Army soldiers were imposing on war prisoners in post-invasion period.

Luke Moran wrote, directed and starred in this psychological expose of the life and time of a soldier who was assigned as a guard at the prison. He starred as Jack Farmer, a clean cut All-American jock who was raring to take on the terrorists after September 2011 by enlisting in the Army. Much to his dismay, he was not assigned to the front lines but instead to the old prison which was a post-war detainment facility.

This psychological plot comes into play when he sees the inhumane treatment that is mercilessly performed daily on the prisoners. Meanwhile, he befriends one of the prisoners. They become closer although antagonists, their common bond is that they are both shut off from the world. Farmer becomes mentally traumatized by the treatment that he witnesses. He develops self-destructive behaviors due to his bottled-up emotions.

The 'Boys of Abu Ghraib' is the type of movie that gets your pulse racing because it will touch you. This movie runs for 104 minutes and will bring out mixed emotions due to the harsh realities of war.

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